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The Descendants of Adam: Enlightenment Anthropology,
by Miriam Claude Meijer, Ph.D.
In 1666 Sir Isaac Newton used a glass prism to refract white light at different angles according to wave length. He saw a rainbow of colors, which he passed through a second prism to re-form white light. He concluded that white light is a mixture of all the colors of the visible spectrum.

Table of Contents:

  1. Adam and Eve
  2. Genesis: Epigenesis, Degeneration, Monogenism.
  3. Monism: Cartesianism, Passions, Nerves.
  4. Angles: Optic, Occipital, Facial.
  5. Metamorphoses: Primate, Physiognomical, Aging.
  6. Venus: Classical, Earthly, Hottentot.
  7. Paradise Moved

Reader for The Descendants of Adam of primary texts, all newly translated into unabridged contemporary American English by Miriam Claude Meijer, Ph.D.:

Table of Contents:

Maupertuis Maupertuis’s Earthly Venus
Buffon Buffon’s “Varieties of the Human Species”
Daubenton Daubenton’s “Memoir on the Different Positions of the Occipital Foramen in Man and Animals”
Albinus B.S. Albinus’s "On the Seat and Cause of the Color of Ethiopians"
Camper Petrus Camper’s Facial Angle
Vosmaer Vosmaer’s “Orang-Utang”
Blumenbach Blumenbach’s “Bildungstrieb
Soemmerring Soemmerring’s “Moor”
Herder Herder’s Ideen - certain sections only
Glossary Glossary of European Concepts of the Non-European

colors explained

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