VOC flag Isaac Titsingh (1745-1812) Isaac Titsingh (1745-1812)

THE MAN WHO KOW-TOWED: A Biographical Novel Based on the Life of Isaac Titsingh, Holland's Eighteenth-Century Merchant-Scholar in Asia

Historical Fiction by Mary Camper-Titsingh

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1. Holland
The Letter
The Visitors
2. The Voyage
Sail Ahoy!
The Storm and the Doldrums
Toward the Cape of Good Hope
The Indian Ocean
3. East Indies
Batavia: "Queen of the East"
Hendrina Alting in Blue
The Jubilee 1769
The Kraton
Batavia 1771 to 1778
4. Japan
Dejima, Japan's Only Window to Europe
Komojin - The Red-haired Barbarians
Reports from Europe
The Rangakusha
The Lantern Festival
The Sunday Dinner Party
VOC Chief in Japan
Ukine, Floating Sound
The Annual Tribute Journey to the Shogun's Court
The Audience at the Shogun's Court
Yoshiwara - the Pleasure Quarter of Edo
Noble Friends on Dejima
5. Batavia
Return to Batavia
6. Japan
The Second Term as Chief Merchant in Japan
The Second Audience with Japan's Shogun
The Secret Diary
7. Batavia
8. Another Voyage
Ceremonies of Death
9. Batavia
Where is Amaril?
The Council of the Indies
10. India
Arrival in India
The Baby
Daily Life at Chinsura
Up the Sacred Ganges River
The Nawab of Bengal
The Tiger Hunt
The Monsoon
Lord Cornwallis
Diseases and Delights
Bengal - Head to Head with the English
The End of the VOC
11. Batavia
Back to Batavia
Lord Macartney's Visit to Batavia
Dutch Ambassador to China
12. China
Canton, China
The Hoppo's Visit
Ch'ang-lin, the Viceroy of Guangdong Province
A forced March to Peking
Peking, the Capital of China
Au Audience with the Son of Heaven
The Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace
The Last Kow-tow
Return to Canton
13. Homeward Bound
A Diffficult Voyage
14. England
At Home in London
Bath Spa 1797
Fellow of the Royal Society - FRS
Sir Joseph Banks
A Loss
15. Home
A Family Reunion
16. Paris
Happy Reunions in Paris
At Home in Paris
A Short Peace

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