Race and Aesthetics in the Anthropology of Petrus Camper (1722-1789) Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1999
(Studies in the History of Ideas in the Low Countries Volume 4) ISBN: 90-420-0434-7
US $40.00

by Miriam Claude Meijer, Ph.D.
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College Transcripts of Miriam Claude Meijer, PhD, MLS

University of Maryland, College Park, MD
Master's in Library Science, December 2015
36 Semester Hours
Specialty: Digital Curation
GPA: 3.7 out of 4.0
LBSC631 Achieving Organizational Excellence A 3
LBSC611 History of the Book A+ 3
LBSC671 Creating Information Infrastructures A 3
LBSC602 Serving Information Needs A- 3
INST640 Principles of Digital Curation A- 3
INST742 Implementing Digital Curation A 3
INST641 Policy Issues in Digital Curation A- 3
INFM700 Information Architecture A- 3
LBSC707 Field Study in Library Science A+ 3
LBSC682 Management of Electronic Records & Information A 3
LBSC791 Designing Principled Inquiry B 3
INST734 Information Retrieval Systems B- 3
University of California, Los Angeles, California (UCLA)
Doctorate, December 1991
160 Quarter Hours
Major: European History, Minor: American History
GPA: 3.7 out of 4.0
HIST201D Early Modern Europe: Savoy 16th-18th Centuries B+ 4
HIST225 Modern European History: Historiography A- 4
HIST130B The Netherlands 1609-1795 A- 4
HIST201D Early Modern Europe: Readings in 16th-Century Europe A 4
HIST126C Europe Cultural and Intellectual History: 18th Century A- 4
HIST136C Urban Society A- 4
HIST201D Early Modern Europe: International Relations in Early Modern Europe A 4
HIST201E The Life Sciences and Social Thought Late Enlightenment A 4
HIST229B Early Modern Europe: Age of Louis XIV in France A 8
HIST201E Anthropology and History B 4
Catholic University of America, Washington, DC
Master's Degree, May 1980
39 Semester Hours
Major: History
GPA: 3.7 out of 4.0
HIST519 England: Magna Carta-Henry VIII A 3
HIST551 Germany 1848-1918 B 3
HIST601 History and Historical Analysis A 3
HIST993 Directed Readings A 3
CLIT642 European Enlightenment B 3
HIST532 Old Regime and French Revolution A 3
HIST552 Germany: Crisis After World War I A 3
HIST590 Modern France Since Revolution B 3
HIST531 France Under Louis XIV A 3
HIST535 Britain Since 1688: Revolution and Reform A 3
HIST837 Seminar: Modern Europe A 3
HIST838 Seminar: British Imperialism A 3
SPAN103 Intermediate Spanish A 3
Catholic University of America, Washington, DC
Bachelor's Degree, May 1974
121 Semester Hours
Major: Anthropology, Minor: Philosophy
GPA: 3.2 out of 4.0
ENG100 English Composition B 3
FREN103 Intermediate French B 3
MATH112 Elementary Calculus D 4
PHIL201 Historical Introduction to Philosophy A 3
PSY201 General Psychology C 3
ENG221 Black Literature in America B 3
ENG301 Creative Writing C 3
FREN330 French Conversation B 3
HIST146 Europe Since 1914 B 3
PHIL202 Historical Introduction to Philosophy A 3
PHIL320 Philosophical Anthropology A 3
ANTH305 Human Evolution A 3
ART201 Drawing and Composition B 3
FREN201 Readings in French Literature B 3
PHIL321 History of Ancient Philosophy B 3
REL103 Jewish and Christian Tradition B 3
ANTH306 World Prehistory A 3
FREN202 Readings in French Literature B 3
PHIL322 History of Medieval Philosophy B 3
REL104 Jewish and Christian Tradition B 3
TD502 Conscious: Culture and Environment P 3
TD504 Conscious: Culture and Environment P 3
REL401 Christian Social Ethics B 3
BIOL103 General Biology I C 3
ANTH307 Comparative Cultures A 3
PHIL323 Logic B 3
PHIL325 Metaphysics P 3
SPAN101 Elementary Spanish A 3
ANTH310 Language and Culture A 3
ANTH452 Senior Coordinating Seminar B 3
ANTH636 Magic, Witchcraft and Religion A 3
REL441 Human Dimensions Bible B 3
SPAN102 Elementary Spanish A 3
ANTH571 Latin America B 3
ANTH661 Anthropological Theory A 3
ANTH451 Senior Seminar B 3
ANTH575 Cultures and Peoples of Sub-Sahara Africa B 3
ANTH632 Social Organization A 3
ANTH670 Comparative Civilizations A 3
ANTH642 Ethnopsychology B 3
Montgomery College, Takoma Park, MD
No terminal degree earned, July 2007
78 Semester Hours
Major: Computer Science, Minor: Computer Applications
GPA: 3.6 out of 4.0
CA113 Windows I B 1
CA114 Windows II B 1
CA120 Computer Applications I A 3
CA121 Computer Applications II A 3
CA141 Introduction to Database Applications A 3
CA172 Exploring the Internet A 3
CA260 Desktop Publishing I A 4
CA261 Desktop Publishing II A 3
CA271 Computer Networking A 3
CA272 Homesteading: World Wide Web A 3
CA275 Establishing a Corporate Intranet B 3
CMP765 Implem/Support/MS Win XP NG 3
CS110 Computer Concepts B 3
CS136 Systems Analysis and Design A 3
CS140 Pascal Programming B 3
CS213 Java Programming Language B 3
CS215 Visual Basic Programming Language B 3
CS225 C Programming Language A 3
GD121 Fundamentals of Graphic Design I B 3
MGT186 Project Management CP 8
MT127 Microcomputer Control Programs A 3
MT140 Microcomputer Configuration and Installation A 3
MT220 Solid State Devices B 3
MT270 Networks I: Installation, Operation, Troubleshooting B 4
MT272 Networks III: Advanced Networking Operating Systems A 3


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