Y u       L in g    H AN Ph.D.
L i c e n s e d   P s y c h o l o g i s t
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Individuals •
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• Depression/Anxiety
• Relationship Issues
• Career/Work Issues
• Multicultural/Cross-cultural
• Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual
• Adoption
D r.   H a n  
Yu Ling Han, Ph.D.
1629 K Street, NW
Suite 701
Washington, DC 20006

phone: (202) 213-1876

Over 15 years of Clinical Experience
Graduate School:
University of Maryland, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
License No. and State:
PSY 1883 District of Columbia

Psychology Today

Many of us become overwhelmed, frustrated, or confused with different areas of our lives. This often leads to depression/anxiety, anger, or second-guessing ourselves. My focus is to help you manage difficult times, examine patterns of dissatisfaction in the areas of family, relationship or work, provide clarity, and develop new skills so that you may navigate through life's demands more effectively. As a therapist, my style is collaborative, humanistic, and experiential. Together, we will work to help you get unstuck and find new ways to lead a fulfilling life.

As a therapist, I am very engaged, interactive, and personable. Many of my clients who have had therapy experience prior to working with me have stated that they appreciate the fact that I provide them with specific feedback and/or recommendations to manage their immediate symptoms.