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Roberto Salgado de Carvalho

Art Teacher


Talented teaching professional, committed to providing solid art education that fosters strong people skills. Talent for integrating multiculturalism and cooperative learning. Proven ability for tailoring lessons to capture students’ interests and imagination. Trustworthy educator able to cultivate strong relationships with all members of the school community. Maintain an individualized instruction where each student feels special, cared for, and successful. Key strengths include: performance assessments, student motivation, creative lesson plan development. Remarkable experience in giving students instruction in drawing, painting, photography, and art history. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. One of his paintings was selected for the 2017 Totem Cor-Acao Naif International Art Biennial in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Education and Credentials

Bachelor of Arts in Education (1986)
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


District of Columbia Public Schools
Art/ K-12 Grade level

Teaching Experience

Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter School, Washington, DC

2016 - present

Teach the principles and appreciation of art to help students develop their own voices in this college-preparatory high school, first opened in 2001, of 400 individuals. Communicate with students' parents or guardians in the Parent Teacher Organization. The school's mission is to instill in students an advocacy for themselves and for others.

A c c o m p l i s h m e n t:
  • Some of the Academy art students had their work displayed at the Anacostia Community Museum/Smithsonian Institution 2017 "Transitions" exhibit.


Woodrow Wilson Senior High School, Washington, DC

1999 - 2015

Developed and presented lesson plans that covered a wide range of art-related topics and foster art appreciation. Participated in all required faculty meetings. Assisted students with learning disabilities to succeed in the regular classroom through individualized instruction. Offered one-to-one and office hours support in order to insure the success of every student. Collaborated with team teachers on students’ academic plans and behavioral issues. Conducted parent-teacher conferences based on academic and behavioral needs.

A c c o m p l i s h m e n t s:
  • Founded Wilson Senior High School’s Photo club
  • Some Photo techniques’ students had their work displayed at the National Gallery, Corcoran Gallery, Municipal Affairs Art Exhibit, Nikkon Photography Awards, Duke Ellington Project, and were published by The Washington Post
  • Contributed to the development of the adopted standard grading assessment for all subject areas.


Francis Junior High School, Washington, DC


Created and implemented daily lessons that accommodated multiple intelligences, aligned with the curriculum and standards. Instilled a sense of art appreciation and encouraged students to expand their interests. Developed strong relationships with all students to assure that they felt welcome, and appropriately challenged by the curriculum. Integrated multicultural lessons in order to raise class participation levels.


Clark Elementary School, Washington, DC


Developed fun and motivated lessons that explained the fundamentals of art. Created several playful art projects (helicopter built with plastic straws and construction paper, boats built with aluminum foil and construction paper, etc.) in order to teach the elements and principles of design. Established rapport with all students, ensuring that they felt safe and cared for. Attended all staff meetings and professional development workshops.


Petworth Elementary School, Washington, DC


Taught kindergarten through third grade. Utilized various manipulative and hands-on activities to engage students and consolidate important art concepts. Held parent-teacher conferences to inform parents about their children’s academic progress. Decorated the entire school building with construction paper displaying children-related themes. Established a reward system with positive reinforcements to maintain a productive and focused classroom environment.


Personal Tutor in Spanish, Washington, DC


Taught children and adults in the Spanish language. Tailored lesson plans and integrated a wide range of activities to accommodate all learning styles. Offered positive encouragement to maintain pupils’ motivation to study and improve.


Bread for the City Translator, Washington, DC


Responsibilities included verbal and written translation for Hispanic clients. Wrote referrals to social workers and immigrant support agencies.


Colegio Princesa Isabel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Taught drawing, geometry, and art history. Demonstrated methods and procedures to pupils. Constantly observed and evaluated work to determine students’ progress. Conferred on a regular basis with faculty, parents, and students in order to address individuals' needs and problems. Prepared lesson plans and established course goals.


Colegio Pinheiro Guimaraes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Instruction in beginning and intermediate geometry, as well as art history. Developed and implemented well-balanced lesson plans that integrated technology and art. Demonstrated cultural diversity in the art lessons. Participated in faculty meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and all meetings aimed at enhancing students' academic and social skills.


Paintings on Exhibit

Primeira Bienal Internacional de Arte Naif Totem Cor-AcaoSao Paulo, Brazil2017
Touchtone Gallery - Art of Engagement ExhibitWashington, DC, USA2017
Touchstone GalleryWashington, DC, USA2011-2, 2016
Museo Nazionale delle Arti NaïvesLuzzara, Italy2006-2007
Gallery Pro Arte KasperMorges, Switzerland2004
Broward Center for the Performing ArtsFort Lauderdale, Florida, USA2003
Museu Internacional de Arte NaifRio de Janeiro, Brazil2002
Brasil-Tropical RestaurantWashington, DC, USA1995
Martin Luther King Memorial LibraryWashington, DC, USA1990
Centro de ArteWashington, DC, USA1987
Colegio Pinheiro GuimaraesRio de Janeiro, Brazil1983

Paintings in Museum Collections

Museu Internacional de Arte NaifRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Musée International D'Art NaifMagog, Quebec, Canada
Gallery Pro Arte KasperMorges, Switzerland
Mas FoundationFrance
Museu do Folclore Edson CarneiroRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Instituto Totem CulturalSao Paulo, Brazil
Museo Nazionale delle Arti NaïvesLuzzara, Italy


  • Author, Brazilian Rock Paintings and Shamanism. Dorrance Publishing Co, Inc., 2008.
  • Author, The Mysterious Stone. Exlibris, 2014.
  • Mostra Nazionale delle Arti Naïves. XXXVII edizione del Premio "Cesare Zavattini", 31-33. Luzzara, 2006.

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