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Aczel, Amir D.Pendulum: Léon Foucault and the Triumph of ScienceNY: Atria Books2003 hardback
Alda, AlanNever Have Your Dog Stuffed and Other Things I've LearnedNY: Random House2005 hardback315E
Améry, Jean
tr. Sidney and Stella P. Rosenfeld
At the Mind's Limits: Contemplations by a Survivor on Auschwitz and Its RealitiesNY: Schocken Books1990paperback105E
 Anthologia Grotiana. A Lugduni Batavorum Universitatis Discipulis in Colloquio, Cui Nomen Societas Juridica Grotius Congregatis CollataHagae Comitis: Martinus Nijhoff1955hardback565
 Antwerp's Golden Age. The Metropolis of the West in the 16th and 17th Centuries: An Exhibition Organized by the City of Antwerp. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution1973-5paperback151E
 Archives du Musée Theyler Série II, Vol. X. Deuxième PartieHaarlem1906 paperback657
Ball, W.W. RouseA Short Account of the History of MathematicsNY: Dover Publications, Inc.1960 paperback670E
Baudet, HenriMijn Dorp in Frankijk. Mon Village en FranceAssen: Van Gorcum & Comp., NV-G.A. Hak & Dr. H.J. Prakke1955paperback459
Beebe, Lucius & Charles CleggHear the Train Blow: A Pictorial Epic of America in the Railroad AgeNY: E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc. Publisher1952hardback
Beek, Flory A. vanFlory: A Miraculous Story of SurvivalNY: HarperOne2008hardback 307E
Bekman, Bernard
il. Wijk, Ed. van
The Hague and Scheveningen. Photographs by Ed. van Wijk N.F.K. Text by Bernard Bekman The Hague: W. van Hoeve Ltd.1956paperback98E
Bell, E.T.Mathematics: Queen and Servant of ScienceLondon: G. Bell & Sons, LTD1952 hardback
Bentley, W.A. & W.J. HumphreysSnow CrystalsNY: Dover Publications, Inc.1962paperback 658E
Bernstein, JeremyNuclear IranCambridge: Harvard University Press2014hardback 752E
Bernstein, JeremyScience Observed: Essays Out of My MindNY: Basic Books, Inc., Publishers1982 hardback737E
Biersteker, P.A. & A.M. van LeeuwenPhysiological Effects of Medium Altitude. The Netherlands-Mexico D.F.A Physiological Research Project initiated and financed by the Netherlands Olympic Committee and the Netherlands Sports Federation 1966paperback732E
Blumberg, Stanley A. & Louis G. PanosEdward Teller: Giant of the Golden Age of PhysicsNY: Charles Scribner's Sons1990hardback784E
Bobrik, EduardAllgemeines Nautische Wörterbuch mit Sacherklärungen; Deutsch; Englisch; Französisch; Spanisch; Portugiesisch; Italienisch; Schwedisch; Dänisch; HolländischLeipzig: Verlagsburean1850hardback 94
Bockman, John, ed.My Einstein: Essays by Twenty-four of the World's Leading Thinkers on the Man, His Work, and His Legacy NY: Pantheon Books2006hardback712E
Bohr, NielsThe Penetration of Atomic Particles through MatterKøbenhavn: I Kommission Hos Ejnar Munksgaard1948paperback
Botham, NoelThe Ultimate Book of Useless Information: A Few Thousand More Things You Might Need to Know (But Probably Don't) NY: A Perigee Book2007paperback115E
Bridgwater, William & Elizabeth J. Sherwood, ed.The Columbia EncyclopediaNY: Columbia University Press 1950hardback224E
Brongers, E.H.
tr. C.C.W. van Romondt Vis
The Battle for The Hague-1940. The First Great Airborne Operation in History Soesterberg: Uitgeverij Aspekt BV2004paperback79E
Brower, Michael & Warren LeonThe Consumer's Guide to Effective Environmental Choices: Practical Advice from the Union of Concerned ScientistsNY: Three Rivers Press1999paperback377E
Bullock, AlanHitler: A Study in TyrannyNY: Bantam Books1961paperback
Cantu, M.C. & T. SettleThe Antique Instruments of the Museum of History of Scence [sic] in FlorenceFirenze: Arnaud1974paperback646E
Carroll, Andrew, ed.Letters of a Nation: A Collection of Extraordinary American LettersNY: Kodansha International 1997hardback136E
Carroll, Lewis
il. John Tenniel
intr. Alexander Woollcott
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland through the Looking-Glass and The Hunting of the SnarkNY: The Modern Library1924paperback25E
Carruth, GortonThe Encylopedia of World Facts and DatesNY: Harper Collins Publishers1993 hardback223E
Carville, James with Jeff NussbaumHad Enough? A Handbook for Fighting BackNY: Simon & Schuster 2003 hardback314E
Chamberlin, E.R.
il. Dan Budnik
Photographs by Dan BudnikAmsterdam: Time-Life Books1979 hardback95E
Chapman, H. Perry; Wouter Th. Kloek, & Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr.Jan Steen: Painter and StorytellerWashington, DC: National Gallery of Art1996hardback
Chinard, GilbertThomas Jefferson: The Apostle of AmericanismAnn Arbor: University of Michigan Press 1957 paperback123E
Clark, GarthThe Eccentric Teapot: Four Hundred Years of InventionNY: Abbeville Press1989 hardback139E
 Christiaan Huygens 1629-1695. A Question of TimeLeiden: Museum Boerhaave1979?paperback 659E
Compagner, Aaldert [autographed]On Inhomogeneous and Metastable States in Statistical MechanicsProefschrift Rijksuniversiteit te Utrecht1972paperback
Cross, Milton & David EwenEncyclopedia of the Great Composers and Their Music. Vol. 1Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc.1953hardback320E
Cross, Milton & David EwenEncyclopedia of the Great Composers and Their Music. Vol. 2Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc.1953hardback321E
Culbertson, Judi & Tom RandallPermanent Parisians. An Illustrated Guide to the Cemetaries of ParisChelsea, Vermont: Chelsea Green Publishing Company1986paperback476E
Dawidowicz, Lucy S.The War Against the Jews 1933-1945NY: Bantam Books1976paperback 7E
Delancy, Sarah & A. Elizabeth with Amy Hill HearthHaving Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 YearsNY: Kodansha International1993hardback 140E
 Developing Knowledge: Leiden University in 2008Leiden: Drukkerij Groen2009hardback 92E
Dierikx, MarcFokker: A Transatlantic BiographyWashington, DC/London: Smithsonian Institution Press 1997 hardback787E
Douglass, FrederickNarrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, written by HimselfNY: Signet 1968paperback18E
Dyson, Freeman [autographed]Disturbing the UniverseNY: Harper & Row, Publishers1979 hardback
Dyson, FreemanDisturbing the UniverseNY: Harper Colophon Books1979paperback
Dyson, FreemanThe Scientist as RebelNY: New York Review Books2006hardback782E
Dyson, GeorgeBaidarkaEdmonds, Washington: Alaska Northwest Publishing Co.1986paperback 150E
Edison, Thos. F.Edison's Handy Encyclopaedia of General Information and Universal AtlasChicago: Laird & Lee, Publishers1893hardback
small, frail
Einstein, Albert & Leopold InfeldThe Evolution of Physics from Early Concepts to Relativity and QuantaNY: A Touchstone Book2008hardback649E
Emmerik, Everard Peter vanJ.J. van Laar (1860-1938): A Mathematical ChemistProefschrift: Technische Universiteit Delft1991paperback821E
 Energy for Rural Development: Renewable Resources and Alternative Technologies for Developing Countries Washington, DC: National Academy of Sciences1976paperback720E
Falk, H., ed.CCNY Physics Symposium in Celebration of Melvin's Lax's Sixtieth BirthdayNY: City College of New York Physics Department1983paperback733E
Fenyvesi, CharlesWhen the World was Whole. Three Centuries of MemoriesNY: Penguin Books1990 paperback76E
FerdowsiThe Shahnameh of Ferdosi: The Baysonghori Period Manuscript. An Album of Miniatures and Illuminations Tehran: Soroush Press1991hardback
Ferguson, KittyStephen Hawking: An Unfettered MindPalgrave Macmillan2013paperback 775E
Fermi, EnricoNotes on Quantum Mechanics: A Course Given by Enrico Fermi at The University of ChicagoChicago/London: The University of Chicago Press1961paperback746E
Fermi, EnricoNuclear Physics: A Course Given by Enrico Fermi at the University of Chicago. Notes Compiled by Jay Orear, A.H. Rosenfeld, and R.A. SchluterChicago: The University of Chicago Press1951paperback
Fermi, LauraAtoms in the Family: My Life with Enrico FermiChicago: University of Chicago Press1955 hardback124E
Feynman, Richard P.
ed. Edward Hutchings
Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! Adventures of a Curious Character as Told to Ralph LeightonNY: W.W. Norton & Company1985hardback
Fischer, Ernst Peter & Carol LipsonThinking about Science: Max Delbrück and the Origins of Molecular Biology NY/London: W.W. Norton & Company1988paperback740E
Fleming, Paula Richardson [autographed] & Judith LuskeyThe North American Indians in Early PhotographsNY: Dorset Press1986hardback230E
Fonseca, IsabelBury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their JourneyNY: Vintage Books1995paperback 17E
Frank, ThomasWhat the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of AmericaNY: Metropolitan Books 2004hardback313E
Frederikse, Julie [autographed]South Africa: A Different Kind of War: From Soweto to PretoriaBoston: Beacon Press 1986paperback153E
Frenkiel, F.N. & W.R. Sears, eds.Magneto-Fluid Dynamics: Proceedings of a Symposium Sponsored by the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in Cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences — National Research Council Washington, DC: National Academy of Sciences1960hardback801E
Friedman, Thomas L.From Beirut to Jerusalem: Updated with a New ChapterNY: Anchor Books1995 paperback374E
Gellman, BartonAngler: The Cheney Vice PresidencyNY: The Penguin Press2008hardback 311E
tr. Charles Swan
rev. Wynnard Hooper
Gesta Romanorum; or, Entertaining Moral StoriesNY: Dover Publications, Inc.1959paperback116E
Gilbert, MartinChurchill and the Jews: A Lifelong FriendshipNY: Henry Holt and Company2007 paperback58E
Gilbert, MartinThe Righteous. The Unsung Heroes of the HolocaustNY: Henry Holt and Company2003 hardback305E
Gimbel, StevenEinstein's Jewish Science: Physics at the Intersection of Politics and ReligionBaltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press2012hardback682E
Ginsberg, Robert [autographed]Welcome to Philosophy! A Handbook for StudentsSan Francisco: Freeman, Cooper & Company1977hardback127E
Ginzburg, Natalia
tr. D.M. Low
Family Sayings!NY: ArcadePublishing1989paperback 110E
Ginzburg, Natalia
tr. Dick Davis
The Little VirtuesNY: Seaver Books1986hardback 111E
Ginzburg, Natalia
tr. Beryl Stockman
Family and Borghesia, Two NovellasNY: Seaver Books1988 hardback112E
Ginzburg, Natalia
Lynne Sharon Schwart, ed.
A Place to Live: Selected Essays of Natalia GinzburgNY: Seven Stories Press2002paperback375E
Glashow, Sheldon with Ben BovaInteractions: A Journey Through the Mind of a Particle Physicist and the Matter of this WorldNY: Warner Books1988hardback
Goel, N.S.; S.C. Maitra; E.W. MontrollOn the Volterra and Other Nonlinear Models of Interacting Populations NY/London: Academic Press1971hardback
Gould, Stephen JayHen's Teeth and Horse's ToesNY: W.W. Norton & Company1983hardback 774E
Greene, Melissa FayPraying for SheetrockReading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.1991 hardback134E
Greene, Melissa FayThe Temple BombingReading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company1996 paperback135E
Grene, David & Richmond Lattimore, eds.The Complete Greek Tragedies. Vol. 1. AeschylusChicago: The University of Chicago Press1959hardback200E
Grene, David & Richmond Lattimore, eds.The Complete Greek Tragedies. Vol. 2. SophoclesChicago: The University of Chicago Press1959hardback201E
Grene, David & Richmond Lattimore, eds.The Complete Greek Tragedies. Vol. 3. EuripidesChicago: The University of Chicago Press1959hardback202E
Grene, David & Richmond Lattimore, eds.The Complete Greek Tragedies. Vol. 4. EuripidesChicago: The University of Chicago Press1959hardback203E
Gulik, Robert vanThe Haunted Monastery and The Chinese Maze Murders: Two Chinese Detective NovelsNY: Dover Publications, Inc.1977paperback207E
Gutheim, FrederickWorthy of the Nation: The History of Planning for the National CapitalWashington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press1977hardback137E
Haar, D. terElements of ThermostatisticsNY: Holt, Rinehart and Winston1966hardback 805E
Haar, D. terMaster of Modern Physics: The Scientific Contributions of H.A. KramersPrinceton: Princeton University Press1998hardback707E
Haar, D. terMen of Physics. L.D. Landau. Vol. 1. Low Temperature and Solid State PhysicsOxford: Pergamon Press1965paperback781E
Hadamard, JacquesAn Essay on the Psychology of Invention in the Mathematical FieldNY: Dover Publications, Inc.1954paperback673E
Hamlyn, PaulThe Life and Times of Peter the GreatFeltham: The Hamlyn Publishing Group, Ltd.1968 hardback239E
Hansberry, LorraineThe Movement: Documentary of a Struggle for EqualityNY: Simon and Shuster1964 paperback232E
Harnik, PeterUrban Green: Innovative Parks for Resurgent CitiesWashington, DC: Island Press2010 paperback71E
Hawthorne, NathanielTwice-Told Tales. Vol. 1Boston: Ticknor, Eed, and Fields1851hardpaper 286E
Hemingway, ErnestThe Old Man and the SeaLondon: Jonathan Cape1953hardback143E
Henri, Axel W. [autographed]Ain't No Mountain Too HighXLibris Corporation2000hardback 126E
Herriot, JamesAll Creatures Great and SmallNY: St. Martin's Press1972hardback 483E
Herriot, JamesAll Things Bright and BeautifulNY: St. Martin's Press1974hardback 484E
Herzfeld, K.F.; Virginia Griffing; J.O. Hirschfelder; C.F. Curtiss; R.B. Bird; Ellen L. SpotzFundamental Physics of Gases Princeton: Princeton University Press1961paperback
Hijuelos, OscarThe Mambo Kings Play Songs of LoveNY: Harper & Row1989paperback
Hilberg, RaulPerpetrators, Victims, Bystanders: The Jewish Catastrophe 1933-1945NY: Harper Collins Publishers 1992hardback106E
Hodgman, Charles D.Mathematical Tables from Handbook of Chemistry and PhysicsCleveland, OH: Chemical Rubber Publishing Co.1959hardback653E
Hoffman, PaulThe Man Who Loved Only Numbers: The Story of Paul Erdös and the Search for Mathematical Truth London: Fourth Estate1998paperback728E
Hoffmann, Donald
intr. Edgar Kaufmann, Jr.
Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater: The House and Its HistoryNY: Dover Publications, Inc.1978paperback152E
Hudson, R.P. [autographed]Principles and Application of Magnetic CoolingAmsterdam/London: North-Holland Publishing Company1972paperback823E
Hulst, H.C. van de [autographed]Light Scattering by Small ParticlesNY: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1957 hardback
Humbert, Agnès
tr. Barbara Mellor
Résistance: A Woman's Journal of Struggle and Defiance in Occupied FranceNY: Bloomsburg2004hardback55E
Humphry, DerekFinal Exit: The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the DyingEugene, OR: The Hemlock Society1991hardback149E
Jahnke, Eugene & Fritz EmdeTable of Functions with Formulae and CurvesNY: Dover Publications1945 hardback
 Jan Oort, Astronomer. Catalogue of an Exhibition in Leiden University Library April 20 - May 27, 2000 with contributions by J. Katgert-Merkelijn & Jos DamenLeiden: Leiden University Library2000paperback 698E
Jardine, LisaThe Awful End of Prince William the Silent. The First Assassination of a Head of State with a Handgun NY: HarperCollinsPublishers2005hardback372E
Jerome, Fred [autographed]The Einstein File: J. Edgar Hoover's Secret War Against the World's Most Famous Scientist NY: St. Martin's Press2002hardback668E
 Jerusalem: Living CityJerusalem: Government of Israel Publication1950paperback
frail folio
Kampen, N.G. van [autographed]Stochastic Processes in Physics and ChemistryAmsterdam: North-Holland Publishing Company1981hardback806E
Kelk, C.J.
il. Cas Oorthuys
This is Holland. Photography by Cas OorthuysAmsterdam: Contact1953?paperback471E
King, Martin Luther, Jr.Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery StoryNY: Harper & Brothers, Publishers 1958hardback119E
Klein, Lewis, ed.Dispersion Relations and the Abstract Approach to Field TheoryNY: Gordon and Breach, Publishers, Inc.1961hardback692E
Klein, Martin J.Paul Ehrenfest. Vol. 1. The Making of a Theoretical PhysicistAmsterdam/London: North-Holland Publishing Company1970hardback735E
Kleinknecht, WilliamThe Man Who Sold the World. Ronald Reagan and the Betray of Main Street AmericaNY: Nation Books2009hardback51E
Klemperer, Victor
tr. Martin Chalmers
To the Bitter End. The Diaries of Victor Kelmperer 1942-45London: Phoenix1999paperback77E
Kossmann, MaartenA Study of Eastern Moroccan Fairy TalesHelsinki: Academia Scientiarum Fennica2000 hardback349E
Krinitz, Esther Nisenthal & Bernice SteinhardtMemories of SurvivalWashington, DC: Art and Remembrance 2005hardback
Krsteva, AngelinaMacedonian Folk EmbroiderySkopje: Institute of Folklore1975hardback 240E
Kuhn, Thomas S.The Structure of Scientific RevolutionsChicago: The University of Chicago Press1971 paperback
Lagassé, Paul ed.The Columbia EncyclopediaNY: Columbia University Press2000hardback 225E
Laqueur, Walter, ed.
Judith Tydor Baumel, Ass. Ed.
The Holocaust EncyclopediaNew Haven and London: Yale University Press2001hardback96E
 Larousse Encyclopedia of Animal LifeLondon: Hamilyn1971hardback242E
Leeuwen, Maarten Simon vanTriphasic Spiral CT of the Liver and Three Dimensional Liver ImagingUniversiteit Utrecht Proefschrift1994paperback731E
Lenas, Peter M.A Historical Guide for Argos, Lerna, Tiryns, Nauplia, Epidaurus, Byzantine ChurchesAthens: Patsilinakos?paperback474E
Levi, Primo
tr. Ruth Feldman & Brian Swann
Collected PoemsLondon/Boston: Faber and Faber1988 paperback85E
Levi, Primo
tr. Raymond Rosenthal
The Mirror Maker. Stories & EssaysNY: Schocken Books1989 hardback87E
Levi, Primo
tr. Ruth Feldman
Moments of ReprieveNY: Summit Books1986hardback 88E
Levi, Primo & Tullio Regge
tr. Raymond Rosenthal
DialogoPrinceton, NJ: Princeton University Press 1989hardback89E
Levi, Primo with Leonardo de Benedetti
tr. Judith Woolf
Robert S.C. Gordon, ed.
Auschwitz ReportLondon/NY: Verso2006hardback90E
Levi, Primo
tr. Raymond Rosenthal
Other People's TradesNY: Summit Books1989hardback 91E
Levi, Primo
tr. Stuart Woolf
Survival in Auschwitz and the Reawakening, Two MemoirsNY: Summit Books 1986hardback99E
Levi, Primo
tr. William Weaver
intr. Irving Howe
If Not Now, When? A Gripping Novel Based on a True Story about Jews Who Fought Back During the HolocaustNY: Penguin Books1986paperbook100E
Levi, Primo
tr. Raymond Rosenthal
The Periodic TableNY: Schocken Books1984paperback 102E
Levi, Primo
tr. William Weaver
The Monkey's WrenchNY: Summit Books1978hardback 103E
Levi, Primo
tr. Raymond Rosenthal
The Drowned and the SavedNY: Summit Books1986hardback 104E
Levi-Montalcini, RitaIn Praise of Imperfection: My Life and WorkNY: Basic Books, Inc., Publishers1977 paperback
Lewis, Norma & Jay de VriesDutch Heritage in Kent and Ottawa CountiesCharleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing 2009paperback319E
Lewy, GuenterThe Nazi Persecution of the GypsiesOxford: Oxford University Press2000hardback 131E
MacDougall, Curtis D.HoaxesNY: Dover Publications, Inc.1958paperback113E
Maggio, RosalieHow to Say It: Choice Words, Phrases, Sentences & Paragraphs for Every SituationNY: Prentice Hall2001paperback205E
Magnus, Wilhelm; Abraham Karrass; Donald SolitarCombinatorial Group Theory: Presentations of Groups in Terms of Generators and RelationsNY: Dover Publications, Inc.1976paperback
Malesky, Robert P.The Catholic University of AmericaCharleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing2010 paperback68E
Mandela, Nelson RolihlahlaLong Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson MandelaNY: Reader's Digest Association, Inc.1995paperback382E
Mankoff, Robert, ed.The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker, with 2 CDs NY: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers2004hardback
Mann, Thomas
tr. H.T. Lowe-Porter
Death in Venice and Seven Other StoriesNY: Vintage Books1955 paperback23E
Márquez, Gabriel García
tr. Edith Grossman
Love in the Time of CholeraNY: Alfred A. Knopf 1988hardback74E
Márquez, Gabriel GarcíaInnocent Eréndira and Other StoriesNY: Harper Colophon Books 1978paperback12E
Márquez, Gabriel García
tr. Gregory Rabassa
In Evil HourNY: Avon Books1979 paperback
1982 Nobel Prize
Márquez, Gabriel García
tr. Gregory Rabassa
Chronicle of a Death ForetoldNY: Ballantine Books 1982paperback14E
Márquez, Gabriel García
tr. Randolph Hogan
The Story of a Ship-Wrecked SailorNY: Vintage Books 1987paperback15E
Márquez, Gabriel García
tr. Gregory Rabassa
Leaf Storm and Other StoriesNY: Harper Colophon Books 1972paperback16E
Martel, YannLife of Pi: A NovelCanongate2003paperback
McDonald, John W. [autographed] & Noa ZanolliThe Shifting Grounds of Conflict and Peacebuilding: Stories and Lessons Lanham, MD: Lexington Books2008paperback73E
Meauzé, PierreAfrican Art: SculptureCleveland/NY: The World Publishing Company1968 hardback245E
Meerschen, Jean-Marie van derQuatre Saisons en Belgique. Vier Jaargetijden in België. The Four Seasons in Belgium. Vier Jahreszeiten in Belgien. Cuatro Estaciones en Belgica. Quattro Stagioni nel BelgioBrussels: Marc Vokaer1974 hardback229
Meinesz, Alexandre
tr. Daniel Simberloff
How Life Began: Evolution's Three GenesesChicago/London: The University of Chicago Press2008hardback69E
Mencken, H.L.The American Language: An Inquiry into the Development of English in the United StatesNY: Alfred A. Knopf 1957hardback129E
Miller, John AndersonFares, Please! A Popular History of Trolleys, Horsecars, Streetcars, Buses, Elevateds, and Subways NY: Dover Publications, Inc.1960paperback8E
Moerkerken, E. van et al.Amsterdam [in English]Amsterdam: Scheltema & Holkema NV, H.J.W. Becht NV 1957hardback
Montefiore, Simon Sebag, intr.Speeches that Changed the World: The Stories and Transcripts of the Moments that Made History London: Smith-Davies Publishing Ltd.2005hardback310E
Montroll, Elliott W. & Wade W. BadgerIntroduction to Quantitative Aspects of Social PhenomenaNY: Gordon and Breach Science Publishers1974hardback790E
Montroll, E.W. & J.L. Lebowitz, eds.The Liquid State of Matter: Fluids, Simple and ComplexAmsterdam: North-Holland Publishing Company1982hardback
Moody, William J.How to Probate an Estate: An Handbook for Executors and AdministratorsNY: Cornerstone Library 1981paperback21E
Nadler, StevenRembrandt's JewsChicago/London: Chicago: University of Chicago Press 2003 paperback 373E
Nasar, SylviaA Beautiful Mind: The Life of Mathematical Genius and Nobel Laureate John NashNY: A Touchstone Book 2001paperback
 The Natural Philosopher: A Series of Volumes Containing Papers Devoted to the History of Physics and to the Influence of Physics on Human Thought and Affairs through the Ages. Vol. 1NY: Blaisdell Publishing Company1963paperback 696E
 The Natural Philosopher: A Series of Volumes Containing Papers Devoted to the History of Physics and to the Influence of Physics on Human Thought and Affairs through the Ages. Vol. 2NY: Blaisdell Publishing Company1963paperback 697E
 The Natural Philosopher: A Series of Volumes Containing Papers Devoted to the History of Physics and to the Influence of Physics on Human Thought and Affairs through the Ages. Vol. 3NY: Blaisdell Publishing Company1964paperback 809E
NL GovernmentFrom Fisherman's Paradise to Farmer's PrideThe Hague: Netherlands Government Information Service 1959paperback451E
 Nine Dutch PoetsSan Francisco: City Lights Books1982paperback548E
Nursi, Bediuzzaman Said
tr. Sükran Vahide
The Words. From the Risale-i Nur CollectionAnkara: Ihlas Nur Nesriyat2001paperback64E
Obama, BarackDreams from My Father: A Story of Race and InheritanceNY: Three Rivers Press2004paperback65E
Olmsted, DenisonCompendium of Astronomy; containing the Elements of the Science, Familiarly Explained and Illustrated, with the Latest DiscoveriesNY: Robert B. Collins1850hardback
rare book
O'Mill, John
intr. Wim Kan
Lyrical Laria in Dutch and Double Dutch. Voorwoord Wim KanLaren: Uitgeverij Andries Blitzno datehardback283
Overduin, Jack
tr. Harry der Nederlanden
Faith and Victory in DachauSt. Catharines, Ontario: Paideia Press, 19781978hardback306E
Ozenfant, [Amédée]
tr. John Rodker
Foundations of Modern ArtNY: Dover Publications, Inc. 1952paperback125E
Pais, AbrahamJ. Robert Oppenheimer: A Life. With Supplemental Material by Robert P. CreaseNY: Oxford University Press2006hardback383E
Pais, AbrahamSubtle is the Lord... The Science and the Life of Albert EinsteinOxford: Oxford University Press1982paperback718E
Pais, A.On the Theory of Elementary ParticlesAmsterdam: North-Holland Publishing Company1947 paperback
Palmer, PhyllisLiving as Equals. How Three White Communities Struggled to Make Interracial Connections During the Civil Rights EraNashville: Vanderbilt University Press2008paperback54E
Panati, CharlesExtraordinary Origins of Everyday ThingsNY: Harper & Row, Publishers1987 paperback114E
Parker, AndrewIn the Blink of an EyeCambridge, MA: Perseus Publishing2003hardback 768E
Paterson, MichaelThe Secret War: The Inside Story of the Code Makers and Code Breakers of World War IICincinnati, OH: David & Charles Limited2007paperback60E
Paton, AlanCry, the Beloved CountryNY: Charles Scribner's Sons1948hardback117E
Paxton, Robert O.The Anatomy of FascismNY: Vintage Books2005paperback318E
Pelt, Antonius vanCritical Phenomena in Binary Fluid Mixtures: Classification of Phase Equilibria with the Simplified-Perturbed-Hard-Chain TheoryProfefschrift Technische Universiteit Delft1992paperback816E
Perutz, Max F.I wish I'd made you angry earlier: Essays on Science, Scientists, and HumanityOxford: Oxford University Press1998paperback654E
Peters, Cornelis JohanPhase Behaviour of Binary Mixtures of Ethane + N-Eicosane and Statistical Mechanical Treatment of Fluid PhasesProefschrift Technische Hogeschool Delft1986paperback814E
Peters, EllisA Morbid Taste for BonesNY: Mysterious Press1977paperback59E
Petroski, HenryThe Evolution of Useful Things: How Everyday Artifacts — From Forks and Pins to Paper Clips and Zippers — came to be as they areNY: Alfred A. Knopf1992hardback771E
Picard, Raymond
tr. Arnold Rosin
Daumier and the University: Teachers and StudentsBoston: Boston Book and Art, Publisher1970hardback243E
Poe, Edgar Allan
E.L. Didier
The Life and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe. A New Memoir by E.L. DidierNY: W.J. Widdleton, Publisher1877hardback285E
Polkinghorne, JohnBelief in God in an Age of ScienceNew Haven/London: Yale University Press1998 paperback724E
Porter, Gareth & Janet Welsh Brown [autographed]Global Environmental PoliticsBoulder, CO: Westview Press 1991paperback128E
 Q & A. Euthanasia. A Guide to the Dutch Termination of Life on Request and Assisted Suicide (Review Procedures) ActMinisterie van Buitenlandze Zaken2001paperback651E
Rappard-Boon, Ch. van et al.Imitation and Inspiration: Japanese Influence on Dutch Art from 1650 to the Present Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum1992paperback38E
Reeves, PamelaEllis Island: Gateway to the American DreamNY: Crescent Books1991hardback 138E
Reid, RobertMarie CurieNY: A Mentor Book1975paperback
Reid, T.R.The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health CareNY: The Penguin Press 2009hardback52E
Revault, Joseph & ElieThe Castle and the Wood of VincennesParis: J.-B Baillière and Sons 1961paperback473E
Rice, Stuart A.; Karl F. Freed; John C. Light, eds.Statistical Mechanics: New Concepts, New Problems, New Applications Chicago/London: The University of Chicago Press1972hardback802E
Rich, AdrienneThe Fact of a Doorframe: Poems Selected and New 1950-1984NY/London: W.W. Norton & Company 1984paperback208E
Riesman, David; with Nathan Glazer & Revel DenneyThe Lonely Crowd. A Study of the Changing American Character New Haven: Yale University Press1961
Rigden, John S.Einstein 1905: The Standard of GreatnessCambridge: Harvard University Press2005 hardback792E
Rowan, Carl T.Dream Makers, Dream Breakers: The World of Justice Thurgood MarshallNY: Welcome Rain 1993 paperback376E
Russell, BertrandReligion and ScienceLondon: Thornton Butterworth Ltd.1936hardback
Sacharov, Al [autographed]The Redhead Book. A Book for and About RedheadsTakoma Park, MD: Word of Mouth Press 1982paperback81E
Sacks, OliverThe Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical TalesNY: HarperPerennial1990 paperback
Sacks, OliverMusicophilia: Tales of Music and the BrainNY/Toronto: Alfred A.Knopf2007 hardback 783E
Sacks, OliverUncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical BoyhoodLondon: Picador2001paperback 748E
Sakharov, Andrei
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bad shape
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